Our Services

Our Services

Design Consultation

At Pine Home Design, we offer an initial no-obligation consultation by doing a walk through of your home to gain an understanding of the layout of the home and offer suggestions on areas for potential remodel. 

 We take time to listen to our clients’ creative visions and how they want the flow of their home to reflect their daily life. 

Project Management

We strive to work within our clients’ timelines and it is our responsibility to have the right trades in the right place at the right time.  

Our team has responsibility for general construction (if needed), plumbing, painting and decorating, and finish carpentry. We ensure all permits are obtained from the local town hall and that the work is signed off by inspectors as the job progresses – right up until final Certification of Occupancy (CO). 


Colors and styles change frequently. Our team stays current with style trends to ensure that the finished project will look fresh for years to come. 

We also take time to understand our clients’ design preferences to ensure the finished room or home reflects their own unique personality and style. 

We provide expert guidance and fully understand that clients’ needs can change frequently throughout the life cycle of the project.

Room Layout & Design

If you have recently purchased a home, reconfiguration and remodeling of rooms in your home may be your first priority.

If you are lucky enough to own a home where the configuration works for you, perhaps you seek a room or home refresh through our services such as interior painting, updating bathrooms, and/or the kitchen. We have over 20 years of remodeling and design experience to help you reimagine and transform any room or home into the space of your dreams.

At Pine Home Design, we have transformed many outdated homes into delightful modern showcases.