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Remodeling your home to meet your family's needs can be challenging.

Whether you have just purchased a home that needs updating, you seek a fresh new look to your existing home, or are considering selling your home and wish to maximize value, your home should reflect the way people live today.

Today’s home owners desire open floor plans and multi-purpose rooms. Unused space can be converted to media rooms, offices, larger bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

Interior styles and color schemes have changed as well, with the
introduction of elements like accent walls, barn doors, and warm room lighting. 

At Pine Home Design, we can work with our clients to remodel an entire home or individual rooms.

We offer an initial consultation at no cost or obligation.

Our professional services include: 

  • Home remodeling for an entire home or specific rooms.
  • Working hand-in-hand with our clients on all aspects of decor, including:
    • room reconfiguration and layout
    • all aspects of interior lightings election of fixtures and fittings for kitchens and bathrooms
    • painting and room decoration, including accent wall installation
  • Obtain permits for all aspects of the job.
  • End-to-end project management. 

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