About Us

Peter Dennigan, Owner, Pine Home Design

After a successful 25 year career in sales for large multinational technology companies, I formed Pine Home Design because I am deeply passionate about end-to-end creative home design. For me, nothing compares to the joy I gain in the creative process and the delight of witnessing my clients’ satisfaction with the final outcome. 

For over two decades I purchased and rehabbed homes and converted them into modern spaces that reflect the design and flow of the way people live today. 

I have deep expertise in finding homes that aren’t selling due to their outdated design and decor, and remodeling them into the homes families desire today. Gone are the days of large, formal and unused rooms. Families want comfortable, multi-purpose living spaces, color schemes, and design elements that reflect today’s lifestyles.

With over two decades of experience in home redesign, overall project management, vendor selection, procurement of materials, design, and color palette selection I have developed a depth of knowledge working and negotiating with various trades to ensure home projects are completed on budget and on time. 

I typically work with three types of clients:

  • clients who have recently purchased a home that is typically outdated and/or doesn’t meet their family needs 
  • clients who want to change the structure and design of their existing home
  • clients who wish to spruce up their home for resale

My clients typically don’t want to take on a multi-faceted project and trust Pine Home Design to access high-quality contractors, materials, and design accessories that meet their budget needs.